In pittura valent’huomo che sappi dipingere bene et imitar le cose naturali!

Michelangelo Merisi ( il Caravaggio)


Paolo Tagliaferro was born on the 25th of September 1981 in Lonigo, near Vicenza. From early childhood he showed an interest in art, and thanks to some teaching from the part of his father Luigi he began his artistic career, starting with copies of works by some famous painters, mostly Caravaggio, but also masters of the 17th century. He attended the lyceum ‘A.Martini’ in Vicenza and then graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts ‘G.B.Cignaroli’ in Verona in 2007. During his studies at the Academy he adopted hyperrealism (a current in painting that emerged in the USA in the 70s of the 20th century). The first experiments of Paolo concerned stilllife, them he moved forward to portraits, animals, compositions of various objects like toys, etc. After the beginning, taking part in contests and exhibitions in his area, and also thanks to positive feedback from critics and gallery-owners, he arrived at exhibiting at the 54th Biennale di Venice in 2012 and started collaborating with galleries in Italy as well as abroad. From 2013 he enriches his artistic experience giving lessons in his study in Lonigo and offering practical courses of painting in hyperrealistic style, which resulted into the creation of the manual on hyperrealistic painting technique in 2014.

Paolo Tagliaferro transforms his fresh look into provoking images of never lost paradise. His maniacal dedication to the visible turnes into a playful entertainment for the eye on his canvas, but is far from any anxiety and manifested expressionism. The world of childhood is unleashed: the colour is abundant, the light is depicted with striking effects and formal contrasts, from details practically photographic up to the abstract interplay of reflections, employed with the defiant courage of unbiased youth. Compared to his many colleges, Tagliaferro demonstrates the expressiveness that is serene and peaceful, playful to the extent needed, free from the anxious emotions and insights, so typical of today’s art. His painting is calm and joyful, ‘pop’ in some sense, but not plainfully superficious, on the contrary, balancing between emotional entertainment and artistic seriousness, evoking images that each of us carries in his forgotten memories”.

The latest events and exhibitions include:

June 21th – August 23th 2018 – Lugano, Switzerland, Steffanon Abramovic Palace, the exhibition “Generation Zero: The Italians of 900, and, besides, the Immortality of the Great Painting”

April 7th -March 13th 2018 – Sorrento, Italy, Villa Fiorentino, Young Festival International

16th -24th September 2017 – Civitavecchia, Italy, a collective exhibition “The Second festival of Figurative Art, Hyperrealism and Portrait”. Paolo Tagliaferro got a prize as one of the 5 finalists of the contest in the section of hyperrealism.

August – October 2015 – Russia, The Great International Tour of Art

18th -30th August: St. Petersburg, the Central Gallery of The Union of Artists

6th -18th September: Volgograd, the Museum of fine Arts named after II Mashkov

22th September – 5th October: Moscow, the Central House of Artists

14th – 28th October: Krasnodar, the Regional Showroom of fine Arts

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