Paolo Tagliaferro was born on 25th September 1981 in Lonigo, near Vicenza.
Tagliaferro is a young painter, exponent of the  Hyperrealism.
Educational qualifications: diploma from the Art School  “Liceo Artistico” in Vicenza in 2000 and degree at the Academy of Art “G.B. Cignaroli” in Verona in 2007 with a final note of 106/110.
Since his youthhood, the artist is interested in Renaissance and Flemish painting and uses the pictorial techniques of the ancient Masters of the Renaissance. Among his favourite painters, the artist has a strong predilection for Caravaggio. Tagliaferro has studied deeply the masterpieces of this great master of Italian painting: this resulted in a strong and noticeable influence of Caravaggio’s works in his hyper-realistic paintings. The aim of his paintings is to reproduce reality as it is perceived, without the mediation of any interpretive filter.
The artist loves to paint still lives, portraits, animals and toys. In order to obtain a delicate effect, the artist often uses the technique of vultures. A painting by Tagliaferro is the result of several months of hard work on the easel, the time spent painting is never less than eight, ten hours a day.
His works are often presented in important collective exhibitions, together with the most important exponents of Italian contemporary art, such as Luciano Ventrone, Pietro Annigoni, Omar Galliani, Mark Konstabi, Tommasi Ferroni, Salvatore Mammoliti, Paul Beel, Luigi Benedicenti, Roberto Ferri, Federico Guida and many others.
In 2011 the artist collaborated with the Rome-based movie production company KITCHEN FILM, creating the painting for the poster of the film “Le stelle inquiete”, directed by the Turin director Emanuela Piovano.
The curators that worked with Tagliaferro are:
Alberto Agazzani, Journalist, Historian, Art and musical critic;
Gilberto Grilli, official biographer of the great artist Pietro Annigoni;